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Silicone dowel sleeves and red silicone plugs are included with the “Full Sets” ONLY. If you do not select “Full Set”, you will not receive the black silicone sleeves or the red silicone plugs.

If you are unsure which options to select from the menus, contact us prior to purchasing so we can help make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Never deal with wooden dowel rods snapping off and ruining your epoxy pens again!

Our attachment holds up to 12 pens at a time, and our stainless steel dowels won't wear down or snap off inside your creations.

****Full Set**** Includes One 12 count Pen Turner Attachment WITH 12 stainless dowels, PVC pipe with adapter (Unless ordered as “Bare”, these will not have an adapter on the PVC pipe), 12 black silicon dowel sleeves, and 12 Silicon Plugs

****Included in EVERY OTHER SET that IS NOT A FULL SET**** One 12 count Pen Turner Attachment WITH 12 Stainless Dowels, and PVC Pipe with Adapter (Unless ordered as "Bare", These orders will include Attachment, 12 Stainless dowels, and PVC pipe ONLY)

The black silicone dowel sleeves serve two purposes:

1- This is pliable and fits in the pen to create a seal and prevent your 2 part epoxy or UV Resin from seeping inside, making less work for you after curing.

2- it extends past the pen and prevents your 2 part epoxy or UV Resin from adhering to the stainless dowel so your pen does not become stuck to the dowel during curing. It repels both 2 part epoxy and UV Resin making removal quick and easy. These are reusable.

Stainless steel dowels are smaller in diameter than wooden dowels so the pen shafts will not fit tightly on the stainless dowels like they do the wooden ones without a sleeve of some type.

The Red Silicone plugs are inserted into the opposite end (the end the writing tip extends from) and prevents the 2 part epoxy or UV Resin from entering the pen during application. (I like to remove them when the pens are ready to start the curing process with a gentle twist and tug, for me this mostly prevents the need for sanding near the opening). These are also reusable.


You are responsible for making sure this item fits your turners. You must measure and verify the connection methods and sizes.

Available in 1/2" or 3/4" sizes, or 1/2” or 3/4” thumbscrew adapter to fit your 20mm PVC arm that most China made turners come with from Amazon, and are 5.5" in diameter.

COLORS may vary from photos and are selected at random, this applies to the disk attachment, plugs, and sleeves.

SHIPPING- We produce and ship as quickly as possible, but delays in shipping do occur. Shipping estimates are “best case” senecio, it may take up to 7-10 days between placing your order, and it actually shipping. We do strive to print and ship as quickly as possible. As demand increases, delays in shipping are more likely. We will not skimp on quality to ship faster, we want you to receive a top quality product.

Dowel holes may fit a bit snug or a bit loose, this does not negatively effect the functionality or finished product of your creations

Pen Wheel Attachment for Epoxy, Glitter Pens. Holds 12 Pens

$32.00 Regular Price
$28.80Sale Price
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